Lik ‘n Chicken Video Series

We’re starting a new video series for the most serious BBQ’er.? This is some good stuff to review if you are serious about being a BBQ competition cook.

We highly recommend wearing protective gear if you embark on any of these adventures yourselves….with your own victim!

In all seriousness…here’s a little background. One of our teammates has an arch enemy. It happens to be a rubber chicken…a rather loud and annoying one at that. Anyway…he likes to sleep a little too long at our contests for our comfort. One day we started waking him up with this chicken and the rest is history. He got so mad the first time we did it, that we had to continue! The good news is for Lik….he’s been great at hiding this season…so here’s the best of 2010……which doesn’t include him!…….(yet)

Chicken CPR


Kroeger………you got it!

Oh boy……we hired a camera man. He was awesome! Except in the most crucial moments!! Sorry J-Kas.

This was the morning after Chris decided it was a “good” idea to steal my BBQ competition mascot…..little did he know I have friends in low places and his antics were not going to come to fruition.

This one was created for scientific research…

Ahhh…the Qwest Center…..that was?a good time!

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