PITMASTER IQ120 Product Review

PITMASTER IQ120 Product Review

Product Review: IQ 120 Manufacturer: PitmasterIQ.com Description: Automatic Temperature and food temperature monitor for Charcoal Smokers (Weber Kettle, Weber Smokey Mountain models, Big Green Egg Smokers, Drum Smokers, etc.).                       Overview This review will focus on the product features of the IQ120. generic cialis lowest […]

Rock's BBQ Stoker Addition

5/25/2010 Update: I thought it would be cool to show you how the data looks after you run a cook…for 24 hours!? You can see our notes are crammed on here – but we know what we mean and in addition, there is an output file that we can dump into excel and analyze more […]

BBQ Contest: Start Here

So you’ve “mastered” the art of making competition quality brisket, ribs, chicken, pulled pork, whole hog, etc, etc etc and want to take it from your backyard to a contest?? EXCELLENT!? You are making a very exciting, challenging, rewarding and FUN decision.? Before you get started there are a few things (in my opinion) that […]

Woods of Wisdom – All about smoke woods

WOODS OF WISDOM Much like in religion, where a common question is WWJD (what would Jesus Do), BBQ enthusiasts can often be heard asking? ?WWWWWAWWWW?? (Wondering what woods would work wonders and which woods would wilt weariness) Throughout the years, our competition team has tried an assortment of woods, here is what we have found […]