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The Lil’ Chub ‘As Seen On BBQ Pitmasters’ is for sale

The Lil Chub  The cooker is sold!

As sad as it is for us to do, the time has come for the Lil’ Chub to find a new, loving home.  As many of you know, this cooker has been a member of the Hot Grill on Grill Action family for nearly 8 years now.  It has served us well, but with the toy hauler we use now to carry us around the country, we just don’t have the heart to let it sit without getting the use it deserves.


A Look Back: The Beginnings of Hot Grill on Grill Action

Well folks, I wanted to take a trip down memory lane and explain the beginnings of our lives in the competition BBQ world.  If you’ve paid attention to some of the other posts there’s some history there related to how we started out and whom we owe credit to for us getting started, but no info on the actual event itself.

1st Annual Tri-Cities BBQ Contest – September 23, 2005

Here it is, the first BBQ contest.  Who would have guessed it would be the start of Hot Grill on Grill Action.  After digging up the pictures and looking at the date it’s hard to believe that what seemed like just yesterday was over 6 years ago.


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The Book on Competition BBQ Now Available

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It’s Finally Arrived!  The long awaited “Book on Competition BBQ”

by Hot Grill on Grill Action BBQ Team
(2011 NE State Champions, 2011 “Jack” Invitation, 2011 American Royal Invitation)
As seen on:


  • In this book, we are going to show you, step by step, everything we have learned over many years of competition, giving away every “secret” we have.  Though they are included, we share far more than recipe secrets in this book.  You’ll learn how to find and enter a contest, what equipment to bring, what recipes we often use and others you should try, what woods to use and enough information about them to make your own informed decisions, how the judging process works, the timeline of a contest, how to compete for little to no money, our strategies to gain a competitive edge, the power of taste and most importantly….how to have FUN! 

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Contest Results – GOBS Nebraska State Championship at Sokol Park

Here we go folks.  Sorry for the delay and thanks to those that reminded us we haven’t provided the update from the our last competition.  Thankfully, things have been a little hectic for Hot Grill on Grill Action lately.

Overall Ranking: 12 out of 43

Chicken: 13th place

Ribs: 2nd place

Pork: 15th place

Brisket: 27th place

Congratulations to the Reserve and Grand Champions!

Grand Champion: Spitfire

Reserve Champion: Brew “N” Bar-B-Que

And another congratulations to Moe Cason with Ponderosa BBQ.  He came in 7th overall.  Despite our crap talk, Moe got us again.  We’ll getcha next time big guy!


Hot Grill on Grill Action – Part of BBQ Pitmasters Season 2!!!!

BREAKING NEWS; It’s official, Our BBQ Team Hot Grill on Grill Action was selected for Season 2 of TLC’s reality show “BBQ Pitmasters”.  Ryan Amys, Matt Frampton, Logan Hendrickson, and Chris Yelick will  be paired against the top BBQ chefs in the nation on the premier episode. I can promise you that the competition will be fierce and the show packed with not only the highest level BBQ, but also many twists, turns, suspense, and unforgettable moments.

. Make sure to tune into TLC on Thursday,  August 12th at 10:00 (9:00 CST) and root us on!!!


Weber Kettle Smoking: Pulled Chicken

Pulled chicken is one of the most delicious smoked meats you’re going to get your taste buds on. It’s also one of the healthiest. It is far superior to grilling chicken. It requires more patience as it takes on average 3-4 hours to do, not counting prep time. The end product is the most juicy, succulent, and tasty chicken you will ever eat. It is well worth the wait. Today, I am going to demonstrate just how easy it is to make pulled chicken from a whole chicken (using techniques bestowed upon me by the Chicken King of the Midwest, pitmaster Matt Frampton, a fellow author on this site.


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How to Butterfly a Chicken

Nothing beats a smoked whole chicken, really! I make them quite often and they serve many purposes. Mostly I like to smoke the chicken and then pull the meat similar to how one would pull pork for sandwiches.

It’s a delicious and more nutritious way to enjoy the same style of sandwich.

The best part is the leftovers can be used for anything from smoked chicken enchiladas to smoked chicken lasagna… you name it.


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BBQ Trial Run 2010 – April 23 and 24

Check out our team group page on Facebook for pics and more.

Pics of the final product are all posted here!

Hot Grill on Grill Action Facebook Page!


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Hot Grill on Grill Action – Auditions for BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 on TLC!!!

Update 4/21/2010:  We’re not getting our hopes up….but we have officially be picked as a finalist for the show!  We have sent in the additional requested information….and are hoping for the best.  This would be a trip!


Check it out everyone…..we’re doing everything we can to bring “BBQ Pitmasters-Season 2″ on TLC to Omaha this year. Join the group “Hot Grill on Grill Action BBQ team” on Facebook and check for updates and events surrounding this!!!

For now….enjoy our audition!!!


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Competition BBQ Chicken – In the oven?!?

OK, I know it’s against all the rules….however….it’s 4 degrees outside and I want to try out both a new technique for getting chicken skin done perfectly for the judges AND try out my new Spicy BBQ Chicken Rub….so here it is.

First, I purchased two (2) family packs of Tyson chicken thighs from my local Bag N Save grocery store.  I laid them all out on the counter and trimmed and prepped them as normal, cutting off all the excess skin, fat and weird bones and veins and stuff like that.  Basically, anything I wouldn’t want to eat.


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Spicy BBQ Chicken Rub

Here is a rub that I came up with that I’m hoping to use in a contest this year. It’s only 4 degrees outside, so I’m going to try this rub, along with a method I learned about for making chicken skin perfect when cooking, low and slow in the oven at the temps I want on the cooker.  I realize this is sac-relig, but it will give me a good idea of the results for both the skin technique and the rub (and a good dinner!).  I’ll link this to that recipe…but here’s this if it’s all you need!


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Matt’s Springfield Chicken 2009

This recipe took 8th Place in the Springfield Days BBQ Comp

Meat Ingredients

  • 1 Family Pack of Chicken Thighs (Hy-Vee)

Basic Directions

  • Marinade thighs
  • Heat Smoker using favorite rig and fuel source
  • Season Chicken, recipe follows
  • Pan Chicken, recipe follows
  • Season Chicken again, recipe follows
  • Sauce Chicken, recipe follows

Smoke @ 300 degrees F on Weber Kettle grill

Place the thighs in an extra-large re-sealable plastic bag (or divide between two smaller bags) and pour the dressing over the top. Squeeze out any excess air from the bag, and roll to coat all of the meat. Refrigerate for 3 hours


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