Advertising with BBQ Revolution

Advertising with BBQ Revolution is an extremely valuable and profitable decision for your company.? If your company sells products and services that relate to our niche market, advertising with us is even more powerful.? The Niche: All things BBQ from the backyard cook to the most competitive professional.?

  • draws an?astounding 30,000+ visitors and over 100,000?page views?each month.
  • Our products and services are innovative and draw strong interest in a fast-growing market.
  • Our e-book ‘The Book on Competition BBQ’ is the best selling Competition BBQ e-book on the web and is a top Google hit.
  • The owners of BBQ Revolution are part of the ‘Hot Grill on Grill Action’ BBQ team – who were?guests of TLC’s BBQ Pitmasters TV show.?
  • This team relentlessly travels across the country and?blankets the internet?promoting the BBQ Revolution brand year round, which in turn, promotes YOUR brand.


All ads appear:

  • Cleanly on the sidebar
  • On all page sidebars, except the home page where it does display in the footer
  • At all times
  • Taking equal turns rotating to?the top of the page


Our rates are as follows:

  • $65.00 per month
  • Buy 6 months and save 10%: $351.00
  • Buy 12 months and save 15%: $663.00*
  • Ad creation: $35.00 (*free with 12 month subscription)

If you are interested in advertising on BBQ Revolution, please?email us at and we will be in touch very soon!? Thank you for your interest!

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