Smoked Whole Waygu Shoulder Clod

Our team was lucky enough to come across a case of Waygu Shoulder Clods and while we all toyed with the idea of parting out, grilling some, smoking some, grinding some, etc – I decided to just smoke the whole darn thing for my daughter’s 6th birthday party. She loves brisket and loves cooking with […]

Slow Cooker Beer Brats

Combining the outdoor fire with the convenience of the slow cooker is something I’ve been toying with this past year. pay for essay writing This latest recipe combines the wonderful grilled taste of the delicious brat with the slow cooker’s ability to infuse beer flavor into both the brat and some peppers and onions! Grill, […]

BBQ Smoked Beans

“Slap yo Mama, WOW” said the team next to us at the 2011 American Royal after indulging themselves in this BBQ Bean medly. The beans went on to finish in the top 10% and have been in our arsenal ever since. This recipe roots itself from my Great Aunt, who served these to many pleased […]

BBQ Smoked Turkey

HOT GRILL ON GRILL ACTION’S SMOKED BBQ TURKEY: Overview: Let’s talk Turkey. If you have a smoker, chances are friends and family?will look to you around?Thanksgiving, Christmas?, or any turkey time. Fortunately, the below recipe will provide a way to have them begging you for another round of gobbler.   The equiptment: For this cook, […]

Pizza on the Weber Genesis!

So, you love pizza – who doesn’t?? Well, I think if you follow the guts of this recipe and use your own favorite ingredients, you can make yourself a pizza that beats anything you can get at any chain, local or brick oven joint in your area. Ingredients: 2 cups flour 2 tablespoons granulated sugar […]

Healthy Coleslaw Recipe….

…..and you’d never know it! Using a variation of a recipe loaded with calories found by another BBQ competitor, I came up with this version which is knock down, drop dead, awesome! The whole thing is under 400 calories and makes enough for?about 12-15 people as a generously served side……making it about 30 calories a […]

BBQ Hot Tamales

I absolutely love Tamales….and have for quite some time now been on a quest to create Mexi-Q with all my leftover BBQ!? Brisket Chili, Chicken Enchilladas and Tacos, Pork Enchilladas and more. Here is a recipe I made with some smoked chicken that turned out awesome!? It was my first crack at homemade tamales….and though […]

Lipton’s Beefy Onion Brisket Recipe

Meat Ingredients 1 – Large Brisket (about 12 ? 14 lbs) Basic Directions Heat Smoker using favorite rig and fuel source Trim brisket Rub brisket with Lipton’s Beefy Onion Soup Mix?and fresh ground black pepper Smoke @ 230 degrees F 8 hrs Remove brisket from smoker, placing on 2 large foil sheets Wrap brisket with […]

Weber Kettle Cooking – Smoked Spare Ribs

There’s a misconception out there that you must have a smoker to slow cook meats.? Hang on kettle lovers, bear w/?me for a second.? What I’m trying to point out is that?there’s a lot of people that don’t understand that the?Weber?Kettle is?in my opinion, the most versitile rig for the money and you don’t need […]

Roasted Tomato, Onion and Garlic Marinara

This is a great recipe for those that grow gardens, but is easily done with store bought goods.? As I mention below, I typically freeze my excess garden tomatoes and use them for this sauce.? Without canning or jarring, it will keep for a few weeks in the fridge, easily, maybe longer ? I don?t […]

Beer Butter Sausage

OK – I’m not about to tell you that this is a health item.? It certainly is not – but good lord is it delicious.? I got this from a good friend who’s 100% German.? Apparently it essay order came from his Grandma’s kitchen.? I believe it and have made these for?countless parties.? Most will […]

Award Winning Jalepeno Jack Sausage Roll

Here is a sausage recipe that our BBQ team whipped up and took 3rd in the RiverCity Roundup BBQ Contest in Omaha, NE with.? It was essentially made up in the grocery store just before the contest when we stopped for beer and ice! Ingredients 10 oz package of Chorizo Sausage 2 lbs ground mild […]

Top Secret BBQ Sauce

I homework research started with a base KC?BBQ sauce here and added a few things until it tasted right to me.? The pineapple juice was just a shot in the dark and it adds an incredible Zang! to the sauce – I think you’ll love it.? Post your comments and your own versions if you’d […]