Slow Cooker Beer Brats

Slow Cooker Beer Brats

Combining the outdoor fire with the convenience of the slow cooker is something I’ve been toying with this past year. pay for essay writing This latest recipe combines the wonderful grilled taste of the delicious brat with the slow cooker’s ability to infuse beer flavor into both the brat and some peppers and onions! Grill, […] Reviews our e-book

David at and author of Sausage Making for Beginners was kind enough to read and review our e-book, The Book on Competition BBQ. Here’s a snippet: Should you buy the book? It depends on how much you value your time and money. If you are just starting out then this book will save you […]

BBQ Smoked Beans

BBQ Smoked Beans

“Slap yo Mama, WOW” said the team next to us at the 2011 American Royal after indulging themselves in this BBQ Bean medly. The beans went on to finish in the top 10% and have been in our arsenal ever since. This recipe roots itself from my Great Aunt, who served these to many pleased […]

BBQ Smoked Turkey

BBQ Smoked Turkey

HOT GRILL ON GRILL ACTION’S SMOKED BBQ TURKEY: Overview: Let’s talk Turkey. If you have a smoker, chances are friends and family?will look to you around?Thanksgiving, Christmas?, or any turkey time. Fortunately, the below recipe will provide a way to have them begging you for another round of gobbler. The equiptment: For this cook, we […]

The Book on Competition BBQ Now Available

[eshop_show_product id=”1119″?panels=”yes” form=”yes”] It’s Finally Arrived!? The long awaited “Book on Competition BBQ” by Hot Grill on Grill Action BBQ Team (2011 NE State Champions, 2011 “Jack” Invitation, 2011 American Royal Invitation) As seen on: In this book, we are going to show you, step by step, everything we have learned over many years of […]

Hot Grill on Grill Action – Part of BBQ Pitmasters Season 2!!!!

BREAKING NEWS; It’s official, Our BBQ Team Hot Grill on Grill Action was selected for Season 2 of TLC’s reality show “BBQ Pitmasters”.? Ryan Amys, Matt Frampton, Logan Hendrickson, and Chris Yelick will? be paired against the top BBQ chefs in the nation on the premier episode. I can promise you that the competition will […]

Hot Grill on Grill Action – Auditions for BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 on TLC!!!

Update 4/21/2010:? We’re not getting our hopes up….but we have officially be picked as a finalist for the show!? We have sent in the additional requested information….and are hoping for the best.? This would be a trip! -Framps Check it out everyone…..we’re doing everything we can to bring “BBQ Pitmasters-Season 2” on TLC to Omaha […]

Matt’s Sokol Brisket 2009

Meat Ingredients 1 ? 8 ? 12lbs Brisket Basic Directions Heat Smoker using favorite rig and fuel source Prep Brisket as desired Inject Brisket w/ Beefy Onion Soup Mix (ground) Season Brisket w/ Beefy Onion Soup Mix and Pepper Baste Brisket, recipe follows Wrap Brisket Slice Brisket Sprinkle slices with Bacon Salt (original) Smoke @ […]

Matt’s Bellevue Brisket 2009

Meat Ingredients 1 – 8 ? 12lbs Brisket Basic Directions Heat Smoker using favorite rig and fuel source Prep Brisket as desired Brisket Paste, recipe follows Season Brisket, recipe follows Oil the Brisket Wrap Brisket, recipe follows Barbeque Sauce, recipe follows Smoke @ 225 – 275 degrees F on your favorite RIGGGGGG. Combine the paste […]