Contest Review – “Keepers of the Fire” Mayetta, KS

We had the pleasure of attending the “Keepers of the Fire” contest in Mayetta, KS last weekend.? It was their second annual event and let us tell you something……… was AWESOME!

Contest Staff

There were several great attributes to this contest, but first and foremost the folks who took time out of their lives to allow us to compete deserve the most praise.? Everyone was more than hospitible and made the experience great from the moment we pulled in.? Throughout the duration of the contest, the staff and reps were there to help.? It was perfect!? Reps were consistently making efforts to ensure everyone had their needs met.? The services included ice delivery and trash removal.? Now I know this isn’t uncommon, but for some reason, some contests just don’t get it and when you’re used to it…..well, you just are.? It was as if we were competing in a contest that had been taking place for several years, not the mere two that this contest has been in operation.? Not only were the services available but the folks providing the services were nothing but pleasant.


The contest took place at the RV?park of?Prarie Band Casino outside of Mayetta, KS.? Upon arrival we were provided a pull through RV camp site with water, power, septic and even cable services.? The?consisted of a concrete pad with a concrete?picnic table?pad?adjacent to the camper pad.? The entire premisis was clean and well maintained.

The cooks meeting and award ceremony was held inside one of?the Prarie Band Casino’s convention rooms.? Yes, inside an air conditioned convention room.? Now here’s something we’ve never experienced;? There were hors devours served at the cooks meeting.? Yep, delishi

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