Contest Results – GOBS Nebraska State Championship at Sokol Park

Here we go folks.? Sorry for the delay and thanks to those that reminded us we haven’t provided the update from the our last competition.? Thankfully, things have been a little hectic for Hot Grill on Grill Action lately. Overall Ranking: 12 out of 43 Chicken: 13th place Ribs: 2nd place Pork: 15th place Brisket: […]

Weber Kettle Cooking – Smoked Spare Ribs

Weber Kettle Cooking – Smoked Spare Ribs

There’s a misconception out there that you must have a smoker to slow cook meats.? Hang on kettle lovers, bear w/?me for a second.? What I’m trying to point out is that?there’s a lot of people that don’t understand that the?Weber?Kettle is?in my opinion, the most versitile rig for the money and you don’t need […]

All in the family

My quest for great BBQ all started back in 1999.? My wife and I, newly married, moved from Omaha to KC.? You would think that KC would be capable of providing the BBQ I was after with places like Little Jake?s, Winslow?s, Arthur Bryant?s and Hayward?s but as delicious as it all was (and is), […]

Jack Daniels BBQ Glaze

This glaze was used at the Greater Omaha BBQ Society?s Nebraska State Championship on the spare ribs we turned in.? It is sweeter than one would expect by simply reading the ingredients.? The Jack Daniels in combination with the brown sugar makes for a sweetness one would expect from a KC style glaze yet it […]