StoryQue Magazine for iPad Owners

Recently launced, in July, was a brand new monthly BBQ?magazine named “StoryQue” by Lavern Gingerich, which is exclusively available?from the iPad Newsstand.? It is very well written and has TONS of valuable BBQ digs, for the backyarder and the competitor. For all you iPad owners out there – please go check this out!? BBQ Revolution […]

Contest Results – GOBS Nebraska State Championship at Sokol Park

Here we go folks.? Sorry for the delay and thanks to those that reminded us we haven’t provided the update from the our last competition.? Thankfully, things have been a little hectic for Hot Grill on Grill Action lately. Overall Ranking: 12 out of 43 Chicken: 13th place Ribs: 2nd place Pork: 15th place Brisket: […]

Hot Grill on Grill Action – Part of BBQ Pitmasters Season 2!!!!

BREAKING NEWS; It’s official, Our BBQ Team Hot Grill on Grill Action was selected for Season 2 of TLC’s reality show “BBQ Pitmasters”.? Ryan Amys, Matt Frampton, Logan Hendrickson, and Chris Yelick will? be paired against the top BBQ chefs in the nation on the premier episode. I can promise you that the competition will […]

Hot Grill on Grill Action – Auditions for BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 on TLC!!!

Update 4/21/2010:? We’re not getting our hopes up….but we have officially be picked as a finalist for the show!? We have sent in the additional requested information….and are hoping for the best.? This would be a trip! -Framps Check it out everyone…..we’re doing everything we can to bring “BBQ Pitmasters-Season 2” on TLC to Omaha […]

What in the world is this website???

First and foremost, this website is really a diary of recipes that my BBQ teammates and I have tried.? All of us are authors here, so you’ll see all kinds of variety from our competition BBQ recipes to various dishes we make at home with our families. The idea is to ensure we don’t lose […]

All in the family

My quest for great BBQ all started back in 1999.? My wife and I, newly married, moved from Omaha to KC.? You would think that KC would be capable of providing the BBQ I was after with places like Little Jake?s, Winslow?s, Arthur Bryant?s and Hayward?s but as delicious as it all was (and is), […]

Rocco is a thief…

Last year, the team Louie Hewis and the “Q” (now called Hot Grill on Grill Action) got together to run all the Weber WSMs we had.? It was a ton of fun and will need to post some pics of the food…it of course turned out great. I do believe we had around well over […]

A New Grill for Logan

A short story by Logan Hendrickson So I was grill shopping last night, a journey we all face as we plunge into the endeavor of choosing our next few yeas of cooking enjoyment. After looking at an impressive selection, I was ready to buy a nice gas grill ($400ish). Then something caught my eye, and […]