Contest Results – GOBS Nebraska State Championship at Sokol Park

Here we go folks.? Sorry for the delay and thanks to those that reminded us we haven’t provided the update from the our last competition.? Thankfully, things have been a little hectic for Hot Grill on Grill Action lately.

Overall Ranking: 12 out of 43

Chicken: 13th place

Ribs: 2nd place

Pork: 15th place

Brisket: 27th place

Congratulations to the Reserve and Grand Champions!

Grand Champion: Spitfire

Reserve Champion: Brew “N” Bar-B-Que

And another congratulations to Moe Cason with Ponderosa BBQ.? He came in 7th overall.? Despite our crap talk, Moe got us again.? We’ll getcha next time big guy!

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