Rock's BBQ Stoker Addition

5/25/2010 Update:

I thought it would be cool to show you how the data looks after you run a cook…for 24 hours!? You can see our notes are crammed on here – but we know what we mean and in addition, there is an output file that we can dump into excel and analyze more accurately.? I can’t imagine running our rig without this unit….it’s unbelievable.? I will be writing a post on all the settings, the dos and don’ts, ins and outs, etc, etc, etc.? Look for it in the next few weeks as I continue to learn.? Just to name a few – we have it configured to give us updates on twitter and via email when the alarms sound (fire hot or cold, food hot or cold, etc), you can run multiple cookers and it will auto detect a sudden drop in temperature and shut the fan down so you don’t have an inferno in your firebox!!!

Here’s the spreadsheet: BBQintheBluffs2010

Here’s a snapshot of the screen when we were finished:


3/25/10 Update:

A few pics of the installed unit.? You can see the brain on a stool for now…it will be installed to a waterproof stainless compartment soon enough.? I love the fab job Ryan did on the cherry bomb looking tailpipe with is actually an intake pipe!

3/20/10 Update:

Ran the stoker last night for the first time!? I can’t wait to get the pics up here…..we did something very cool with it that I’m sure Rock’s is going to love.? Thanks to Ryan our engineering guru – our rig just became exponentially more pimp.

I’ll have all the pics here in the next few days, but for now here’s the logs from last night from the software.? You can see that it took just 1 hr and 10 minutes to get the rig up to temp by a fire that was started with one Weber charcoal starter and a 10lb bag of lump.? Pretty impressive considering it was under 30 degrees last night.? I’d say this thing exceeded our expectations by about 100 times….for the first run.? It’s stupid proof.

First Run Ever

More to come.


We decided to purchase a Rock’s BBQ Stoker for our rig this season. The plan (now that the snow is melted here in Omaha) is to get it installed and tested ASAP.

I’ll be posting some pics for it soon – stay tuned.

In the meantime – check out this guys stuff. I can’t wait to try it.

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