Tender is the hottest new app for meeting busy BBQ professionals.

Tender is the hottest new app for meeting busy BBQ professionals.

As if dating weren’t hard enough, the life of a BBQ professional can make it downright frustrating to meet “the one”.

Enter Tender, the worlds first and forefather of meeting like minded BBQ professionals around the globe!

This new app is going to take the world by storm, says CEO and creator, Dawn Leaper.

“It is incredibly obvious to everyone worth their weight in brisket that finding the perfect match in our crazy business is all but impossible.  There just isn’t enough time in the day to both shop and plan for a contest, whilst trying to find that special someone.”

Leaper continued, “We really see a market gap here and, in the words of the hair loss guys, I’m not only the CEO, I’m also a client!”

Leaper has told us that her latest relationship came via the very first connection on Tender and it’s been amazing.

A poll online indicates that 6 out of every 20 BBQ professionals just don’t have the “it” factor to land that perfect someone.

“After digging in further, it’s not that these people have a missing dating component, but rather just lack the social connections they need.” Leaper stresses, “They need like minded meat market folks to connect with you just can’t find at the hottest bars in town.  It’s really all about putting some meat on the bone, so to speak, to this problem”

It’s tough to say whether or not Tender will explode as most expect, but Wallstreet is betting big. Tender has already secured over $350k in private investment from the likes of Tyson chicken, among others. If that is any indication, we would say Tender is off on the right hoof.

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