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The Beef Pyramid



Brisket is a tough meat to master for many competition and backyard cooks. You may or may not have noticed that brisket can have different grades from the USDA.  Below are the grades you may run into and a quick course in the differences.

Select Grade: This is the second lowest grade of brisket I have seen available. There are lower grades such as standard, cutter, etc.  These cuts contain the least amount of fat and will be firmer. Do not use these in competitions if you can avoid it. These are usually seen in grocery stores.


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Weber Kettle Smoking: Pulled Chicken

Pulled chicken is one of the most delicious smoked meats you’re going to get your taste buds on. It’s also one of the healthiest. It is far superior to grilling chicken. It requires more patience as it takes on average 3-4 hours to do, not counting prep time. The end product is the most juicy, succulent, and tasty chicken you will ever eat. It is well worth the wait. Today, I am going to demonstrate just how easy it is to make pulled chicken from a whole chicken (using techniques bestowed upon me by the Chicken King of the Midwest, pitmaster Matt Frampton, a fellow author on this site.


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55 gallon drum smoker project

Construction overview:

The first thing to do is buy 2 “food grade” drums. Be careful not to buy drums that were used for toxic materials or trash.  You need to burn these barrels for 6 hours minimum to sanitize them. I used all smoke wood when doing this. My neighbor had a ton of apple wood that worked quite well. You will also need to remove all the paint of the drum.

Next, we cut out the door and vents on the bottom. We hinged the door and used electrical box cover with locking washers for the vents.


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Easy Competition BBQ Brisket

Whether you are new to the BBQ circuit or a pro, the below provides a basic, yet highly effective way to score high in the competitions.


– (1) 12 lb Brisket
– 1 12 oz can of Coca-Cola
– 1 cup of Apple Juice
– Your favorite  Brisket rub seasoning (lots available, to see the ones we win with go here )

Get your Rig of Choice fired up: For this cook, I will utilize the Weber Smokey Mountain (bullet smoker).

The WSM is a fine choice. Grab some hickory chunks and let’s get started!!


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BBQ Trial Run 2010 – April 23 and 24

Check out our team group page on Facebook for pics and more.

Pics of the final product are all posted here!

Hot Grill on Grill Action Facebook Page!


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What in the world is this website???

First and foremost, this website is really a diary of recipes that my BBQ teammates and I have tried.  All of us are authors here, so you’ll see all kinds of variety from our competition BBQ recipes to various dishes we make at home with our families.

The idea is to ensure we don’t lose or forget anything we try…..I think….and along the way – perhaps we’ll give someone an idea to try on their own or inspire someone to take what we have tried and share it here.


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