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The Beef Pyramid



Brisket is a tough meat to master for many competition and backyard cooks. You may or may not have noticed that brisket can have different grades from the USDA.  Below are the grades you may run into and a quick course in the differences.

Select Grade: This is the second lowest grade of brisket I have seen available. There are lower grades such as standard, cutter, etc.  These cuts contain the least amount of fat and will be firmer. Do not use these in competitions if you can avoid it. These are usually seen in grocery stores.


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Weber Kettle Smoking: BBQ Featherbones

If you’re from the Midwest, you may have had the pleasure of sinking your teeth into a featherbone or two. If you have no idea what a featherbone is, it could be due to them being called riblets in your region. If you still aren’t sure what they are, go here your answer: featherbone . If cooked properly, they can an absolute delight to consume. They are relatively inexpensive and have all the flavor of full size rib if done right. The following recipe will show you how to smoke them to perfection, in a reasonable time. This recipe will accomplish the cook in 3.5 hours cooking at 300 degrees.  The result will be fall off the bone crowd pleasing rib.  In fact, you’ll probably be anointed the local featherbone king.


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Weber Kettle Smoking: Pulled Chicken

Pulled chicken is one of the most delicious smoked meats you’re going to get your taste buds on. It’s also one of the healthiest. It is far superior to grilling chicken. It requires more patience as it takes on average 3-4 hours to do, not counting prep time. The end product is the most juicy, succulent, and tasty chicken you will ever eat. It is well worth the wait. Today, I am going to demonstrate just how easy it is to make pulled chicken from a whole chicken (using techniques bestowed upon me by the Chicken King of the Midwest, pitmaster Matt Frampton, a fellow author on this site.


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How to Butterfly a Chicken

Nothing beats a smoked whole chicken, really! I make them quite often and they serve many purposes. Mostly I like to smoke the chicken and then pull the meat similar to how one would pull pork for sandwiches.

It’s a delicious and more nutritious way to enjoy the same style of sandwich.

The best part is the leftovers can be used for anything from smoked chicken enchiladas to smoked chicken lasagna… you name it.


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BBQ Competition – Don’t forget the Checklist!!!

Even after years of competition, we still follow a very rigid inventory process the night before we head out to a contest. There are so many things you need to bring and it’s very easy to forget something.   What we have tried to do, is package up our gear in the same methodical way every time we load up and tear down for each contest…this way we know where everything “should” be.

If it isn’t in it’s proper place – we’ll begin looking around and if it can’t be found – we need to replace the item.


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Easy Competition BBQ Brisket

Whether you are new to the BBQ circuit or a pro, the below provides a basic, yet highly effective way to score high in the competitions.


– (1) 12 lb Brisket
– 1 12 oz can of Coca-Cola
– 1 cup of Apple Juice
– Your favorite  Brisket rub seasoning (lots available, to see the ones we win with go here )

Get your Rig of Choice fired up: For this cook, I will utilize the Weber Smokey Mountain (bullet smoker).

The WSM is a fine choice. Grab some hickory chunks and let’s get started!!


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Hot Grill on Grill Action – Auditions for BBQ Pitmasters Season 2 on TLC!!!

Update 4/21/2010:  We’re not getting our hopes up….but we have officially be picked as a finalist for the show!  We have sent in the additional requested information….and are hoping for the best.  This would be a trip!


Check it out everyone…..we’re doing everything we can to bring “BBQ Pitmasters-Season 2″ on TLC to Omaha this year. Join the group “Hot Grill on Grill Action BBQ team” on Facebook and check for updates and events surrounding this!!!

For now….enjoy our audition!!!


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BBQ Contest: Get there early and other timely tips

Typically a BBQ contest will take up a couple of days.  From our experiences, it’s an all day event on a Friday and Saturday (at least most of Saturday).  On the day the event starts, it is a good idea to get to your site as early as you can.  Some contests don’t have folks around to help get you checked in until later in the AM – but in most cases you can get checked in as early as 7AM or even the Thursday night before.

Getting there early provides many advantages, some examples:


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